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Name Owsley, Lucina (Lucy) Emaline Ball
Born Sept 4, 1896
Birthplace Muncie, Indiana
Titles & honors Honorary Daughter of the Republic of Texas
Father Frank Clayton Ball
Mother Eliabeth (Bessie) Brady Ball
Education 1910-1914 - Tudor Hall, Indianapolis
1914-1916 - Mount Vernon Seminary, Washington, DC
Notes Memberships: Daughters of the American Revolution, Colonial Dames, Daughters of the American Colonists, Mayflower Society, Daughters of the Founders and Patriots of America, Irish Georgian Society, Mount Vernon Alumnae Association.

Mount Vernon College Bulletin, Winter 1982, vol. 2, no. 3
Conn, Earl. Beneficence: Stories About the Ball Families of Muncie
92.182 Minnetrista Heritage Collection materials
Relationships Muncie, Indiana
Leland, Michigan
Dallas, Texas
Spouse Alvin Mansfield Owsley
Children Alvin Mansfield Owsley, Jr.
David Thomas Owsley
(Lucy) constance Owsley Dear Garrett

Associated Records

Image of Material, Archival - Lucy Ball Owsley Collection

Material, Archival - Lucy Ball Owsley Collection

The Lucy Ball Owsley Collection contains books, booklets, cookbooks, baby books, memorial books, notebooks, yearbooks, scrapbooks, correspondence, films, cassette tapes, genealogy, photographs, framed photographs and certificates, photograph albums, Civil War papers, newspapers, maps, and miscellaneous materials. The Thomas Jefferson Brady papers consist of Civil War documents, books, and correspondence. Oversize materials consist of Brady papers, maps, genealogy, newspapers, black and white and color photographs, and photograph albums. The collection is arranged alphabetically by category and thus within each category. The correspondence is further arranged chronologically by folder.

Image of Material, Archival - Ball Corp Collection

Material, Archival - Ball Corp Collection

The collection primarily documents the history of Ball Corporation and contains related materials about the Ball family. The scope of the collection covers Lucius S. Ball's egg carrier patents, the relocation of the glass company to Muncie, Indiana, various products and subsidiaries, and the company's move into the field of aerospace engineering. Ball Blue Books Duplicates - publications F.C. Ball Memoirs printing plates Guestbooks Miscellaneous: A-W News Clippings: A-Z Oversize materials Photos / Images: - Ball - BBRC/Aerospace - Laminated images - Negatives, Slides, etc. Publications: - Ball - non-Ball

Image of Correspondence

Correspondence -

Correspondence: Lucy Ball Owsley to Rosemary Ball Bracken concerning a lace cap Lucy sent to Rosemary that was made in southern Jutland, Denmark.

Image of Pendant

Pendant -

Lithuanian coin mounted to be a pendant. The bronze colored coin features a regilious image on one side with Lituanian text stamped above it. On the opposite side is the image of a church with a shield at the bottom. A handwritten note in pencil accompanying the pendant reads "'Lietuva' given me by Arthur Ball on his return from World War II."

Image of Sketchbook

Sketchbook -

Artist's sketchbook with a blue cardboard cover decorated with a winter scene done in grey, black, and white. There is a spiral binding along the top edge. The sketchbook contains numerous sketches and drawings of colonial figures, Native American figures, and horses. One of the sketches is reputed to be of Lucy Ball Owsley, sister of the artist. The sketches are done in pencil and pastels. A - sketchbook, B & C - loose drawings from sketchbook

Image of Buffer, Nail

Buffer, Nail -

Tortoise shell nail buffer monogrammed with gold outline and the initials, "L B." Buffer is made of chamois.

Image of Bracelet

Bracelet -

Hand-made bracelet made for a newborn baby with blue and white beads. The lettering on the bracelet reads "OWSLEY."

Image of Platter

Platter -

This ironstone platter has been hand painted in a floral motif. The center floral design features an ornate table and a bird in flight. Around the center is a floral border in pink, green and blue. There is a yellow border around the outer edge.

Image of Cap, Baby

Cap, Baby -

Net baby cap with laced edge. The cap is very delicate with no ties. A small tag attached to the cap has an image of a woman sitting in a chair doing lacework. "Tenderkniplinger" is in black lettering at the top. Handwritten on the opposite side is "Hanne / 38.00 K."

Image of Toy

Toy -

Red metal toy truck with black wooden wheels. The truck has a silver-tone metal front bumper, grill and headlights. The black lettering on the sides reads, "CITY DELIVERY."

Image of Tablecloth

Tablecloth -

Oval cream colored ecru linen tablecloth trimmed with a border of tulips and leaves done in trapunto embroidery connected by lacework.

Image of Inkwell

Inkwell -

Ebony inkwell in the shape of a three-legged kettle. A wire insert holds the handle in place. Clovers are carved around the kettle. Three clovers and the word, "Ink," are carved on the lid. A - inkwell, B - lid

Image of Sharpener, Pencil

Sharpener, Pencil -

Round orange bakelite pencil sharpener with scalloped edges. It is decorated with a yellow sticker of Donald Duck on top.

Image of Notebook

Notebook -

Red leather pocket notebook with a matching small pencil in an interior holder. It features a snap closure. The notebook contains a 1936 Christmas gift list and notes on France, Denmark and England.

Image of Pencil, Mechanical

Pencil, Mechanical -

Mechanical pencil done in a marbelized pattern of black, green and white. Pen has a brass nib, middle seam, and clip.

Image of Pendant

Pendant -

Heart shaped silver pendant with a raised oval center surrouned by embelishments.

Image of Game, Card

Game, Card -

Milton Bradley card game, entitled "Alphabet Picture Flash Cards," is in the original box.

Image of Stamp, Marking

Stamp, Marking -

Brass stamp with a square pillar with a mouse sitting on top. There is a raised sheaf of wheat on front. On bottom is a etched "B."

Image of Blanket

Blanket -

Cream colored wool receiving blanket embroidered with white ribbons along with forget-me-not flowers and pink flowers on green vines, surrounding two brown baskets and a wreath of forget-me-nots in the center.

Image of Camera

Camera -

Graflex Series II single lens reflex camera comes. The black and silver metal camera has a side, leather handle. Included is the original box and user's manual. The box is black with a rose colored image of the camera on the front. The user's manual is a blue booklet. The camera has a self capping curtain. It also has direct full view focusing by the mirror and ground glass. The camera takes ten pictures 2 ¼ x 2 ½ inch on 120 film- 8 Exposures roll film and features a focal plane shutter. A red circle on the side displays how many frames are left on the film. The camera folds for storage. .1 - camera, .2 - user's manual, .3-.4 - box