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Name Oakhurst house
Details Oakhurst was the name given to the home of George A. and Frances Woodworth Ball and their daughter Elisabeth. It was designed by Indianapolis architect Louis Gibson in the shingle style and built in 1894 (the family occupied it in 1895). The house was featured in Gibson's architectural book, Beautiful Homes. The house was renovated in the early 1990s and is owned by Minnetrista. It is open for tours and for special events.

Associated Records

Image of Material, Archival

Material, Archival -

Ball family and corporation collections. See Multimedia link for inventory/finding aids.

Material, Archival - Preliminary Interpretive Plan for Minnetrista Campus and The Oakhurst Center, A

Plan: A Preliminary Interpretive Plan for Minnetrista Campus and The Oakhurst Center

Image of Postcard

Postcard -

Postcard: Minnetrista Boulevard showing Oakhurst and Maplewood. Nebosham is almost visible behind the trees in the center right portion of the image.

Image of Drawing

Drawing -

Working drawings for a painting of Oakhurst, the George A. Ball family home. The brown pencil sketch features the home surrounded by trees. The middle section of the sketch is a separate piece of paper that has been attached to the main piece of paper. The main, large piece of paper is held together in the center with masking tape. A third, mostly unfinished, sketch is more geometric in nature and features only the house. It is also taped in the center. A - larger piece, B - smaller piece, C - unfinished drawing

Image of Rug

Rug -

Machine-made wool Persian rug done in a Sarabend Saruk design. The geometric pattern is done in red and black. The outer borders have floral motifs. There are 196 knots per square inch.

Image of Painting - untitled

Painting - untitled

This oil painting shows the front facade and south side of the George A. Ball family home, Oakhurst. The home is set in the background. The painting shows the home in spring; the trees and a grassy area covered with blue scilla fills the foreground. The frame is constructed in three sections: the outer section has a rounded wood molding with gold-colored crackled finish; the middle section is beveled and covered with an ivory-colored cloth; and the inner section is painted gold and has a raised line pattern. A - painting, B - frame

Image of Runner, Floor

Runner, Floor -

Handmade wool Persian runner done in brown, cream, and navy and has an overall boteh pattern. There are 400 knots per square inch.

Image of Rug

Rug -

Machine-made wool Persian rug with a roseate pattern on a black background. There are 144 knots per square inch.

Image of Chair

Chair -

Dark brown Savonarola chair with missing legs. It is in the Renaissance Revival style. There are ornate carvings on the back, arms and front of the seat.

Image of Knickknack

Knickknack -

A miniature two-dimensional display of the Oakhurst house. The front side has a color drawing of the house with the artist's signature in the lower right. The back has an adhered paper with the Minnetrista column logo and black text that reads "Oakhurst / Muncie, Indiana / Home of George A. and Frances Woodworth Ball / Built in 1895, Oakhurst is a Queen Anne style home with Swiss influences. The / house was copied after the varnished houses that Mr. and Mrs. Ball had seen / on their honeymoon trip to Switzerland. The architect was Louis H. Gibson. / The restoration of the home was completed in 1995. It is now being used as an / environmental education center."

Image of Ornament, Surface

Ornament, Surface -

Reproduction medallion detail from Oakhurst (George A. Ball) home. The light brown stained medallion has a circle in the center with arched shapes around the edge.

Image of Drawing

Drawing -

Colored ink drawings of the four of Ball Family homes along Minnetrista Boulevard in Muncie, Indiana. The top panel is that of Oakhurst, the George A. Ball home. Second panel is Maplewood, the William C. Ball home. The third panel features Edmund B. Ball's home, Nebosham. Finally, the Frank C. Ball home, Minnetrista is in the last panel. It has a double mat of blue and white. The prints are in a silver metal frame. The signature of artist Bette Graham is on each panel.

Image of Armchair

Armchair -

Two Chippendale-style, ornately carved upholstered chairs. The chair has dark wood handholds have an eagle design and claw and ball feet. The front legs are intricately carved with a filagree design. The seat rail is decorated with carved diagonal lines. The mauve and ivory upholstery has a large scrollwork design with an underlying stripe pattern. The placement of the fabric on the backs of the chairs is slightly off center.

Image of Ornament, Surface

Ornament, Surface -

Reproduction medallion detail from Oakhurst (George A. Ball) home. The light brown stained medallion has a circle in the center with geometric designs emanating from the center to the edge.

Image of Corbel

Corbel -

Outdoor wooden decorative detail from the George A. Ball, Oakhurst home. It is stained dark brown with a raised shield-like design on three sides. One of the top bevels is broken off. It is mounted to a golden oak wooden mount.

Image of Sign

Sign -

Rectangular wooden sign carved in relief. Sign is painted with a thin black border. Three painted trees with brown trunks, and green leaves on a piece of green lawn are carved on the upper two-thirds of the sign with a thin green line underderneath. Below green line, "OAKHURST/ VISITOR CENTER" is carved and painted in a deep rust red. Carved elements are on a beige background.

Image of Drawing - untitled

Drawing - untitled

This untitled drawing is a pen and ink rendering of the exterior of the George A. Ball home, "Oakhurst." Trees flank the front of the house. The basic gold colored metal frame is narrow. The drawing is covered by plexiglas. A - drawing, B - frame

Image of Painting - Springtime At Oakhurst

Painting - Springtime At Oakhurst

This watercolor entitled "Springtime at Oakhurst" is a springtime view of the Education Center (formerly the garage) in Oakhurst Gardens. The building is visible in the background behind a wooden fence. Grass and low-lying foliage fills the foreground. Trees, some with the beginnings of new leaves, others with pink blossoms, surround the cabin. The basic wooden frame has a raised inner edge. The watercolor is surrounded by a white mat and is covered by glass. The frame has a foamcore backing. A - watercolor, B - frame

Image of Bowl, Decorative

Bowl, Decorative -

Blue on white porcelain bowl decorated with an Oriental floral design. The short base at the bottom of the bowl and the inside of the bowl are white.

Image of Box

Box -

Dark red lacquered box decorated with gold accents and an Oriental scene featuring houses and boats. The inside of the lid is also decorated with an Oriental scene. The lid is attached to the box with brass hinges and has a brass latch.